Linked by Shlomi Fish on Sat 16th Oct 2004 07:28 UTC
General Development The purpose of this essay is to explain why I believe Perl 6, the way it currently seems to progress, is the wrong thing at the wrong time, and why I predict (with all the expected caveats of predicting something) that it won't be successful. I will also suggest a better alternative for the future of Perl which makes more sense at this point.
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Re: Odds and ends
by Mystilleef on Sat 16th Oct 2004 14:09 UTC


One major reason why I orininally dumped python and went to ruby several years ago was because of the inconsistent API when dealing with simple types vs objects.

I hate to nitpick, but I didn't understand that statement. It is my understanding that everything in Python is an object, at least superficially. I agree that the standard Python library needs an overhaul, but I don't quite understand the 'inconsistent API/simple types/objects' reason in your statement. Could you expantiate?