Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 27th Aug 2001 05:22 UTC
Syllable, AtheOS AtheOS is a modern, free (GPLed) Operating System written from scratch in C++. A big chunk of the OS is POSIX compliant, supports multiprocessing and it is GUI-oriented (fully OOP). Today we are hosting an interesting interview with the AtheOS creator, Kurt Skauen. Kurt is talking about his views on binary compatibility in future versions, multithreading and the future of his OS in general.
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by stew on Mon 27th Aug 2001 09:03 UTC

My experience shows that multithreading isn't good or bad by definition; It just depends on the developer who's using it. I myself grew up with multithreading, and I constantly keep an eye on race conditions, reentrant code, semaphores etc. where I knew lots of very skilled developers with Windows heritage that don't even know what semaphores are or what reentrant means. I'm sure they had a hard time programming the BeOS, where I tend to make heavy use of threads even in the Windows environment - and often I wish the commercail software vendors would, too.