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General Development The purpose of this essay is to explain why I believe Perl 6, the way it currently seems to progress, is the wrong thing at the wrong time, and why I predict (with all the expected caveats of predicting something) that it won't be successful. I will also suggest a better alternative for the future of Perl which makes more sense at this point.
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Ah, Slashdot on OSnews, who knew?
by Shannara on Sun 17th Oct 2004 01:41 UTC


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Do you take the short bus to programming school?

If I wanted to listen to children, I would hang out at the elementry school, or on SlashDot. Maybe you should have your posting abilities taken away until you have grown up into an adult? [/i]


My apologies for putting my reply to the child above, under a quite from you ;) That was not meant to happen, and I apologize. My reply was to the child in my previous paragraph.

Anyways, the difference between a programming language and a scripting language is fairly simple. One actually compiles to machine code while the other one leaves the code wide open for anybody to see. A prime example would be comparing the two microsoft suites. Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 7. While one is a programming suite, the other is a scripting suite (minus VC++ 7 unmanaged option).

We're also not talking about 3rd party compilers (real compilers, not fake translaters), but of the language's native interpreter. Thus Perl is well known for being a scripting language as the author intended, so is Python, PHP, vbscript, etc. While programming languages, VC++ 7 (unmanaged) and below, ASM, Delphi, etc are not as slow nor easy to steal (the code) as the scripting side.

Then there are those languages that sit somewhere inbetween. (The VB6 and below series for example), has a huge runtime required in order to run such programs. They are not fully compiled and are not pure scripts either. So basically, the worse of both worlds ;)

I hope this answers your question.

In the future, I'll double-check to make sure I am not replying to the wrong person ;)