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General Development The purpose of this essay is to explain why I believe Perl 6, the way it currently seems to progress, is the wrong thing at the wrong time, and why I predict (with all the expected caveats of predicting something) that it won't be successful. I will also suggest a better alternative for the future of Perl which makes more sense at this point.
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RE:Ah, Slashdot on OSnews, who knew?
by MobyTurbo on Sun 17th Oct 2004 03:39 UTC

"Anyways, the difference between a programming language and a scripting language is fairly simple. One actually compiles to machine code while the other one leaves the code wide open for anybody to see. A prime example would be comparing the two microsoft suites. Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 7. While one is a programming suite, the other is a scripting suite (minus VC++ 7 unmanaged option). "

This is rediculous, according to this definition Java, which uses a virtual machine, is a scripting language, while many scripting languages such as Unix's Bourne Shell are not because they are interpreted rather than byte-compiled like .Net.

May I suggest an article by the author of the scripting language Tcl, a former professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Dr. John Ousterhout, on the subject of what a scripting language is?