Linked by Shlomi Fish on Sat 16th Oct 2004 07:28 UTC
General Development The purpose of this essay is to explain why I believe Perl 6, the way it currently seems to progress, is the wrong thing at the wrong time, and why I predict (with all the expected caveats of predicting something) that it won't be successful. I will also suggest a better alternative for the future of Perl which makes more sense at this point.
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by Richard Dale on Sun 17th Oct 2004 14:04 UTC

Totally Offtopic, but I came across your blog. Good stuff. I liked the discussion on parrot/mono and dynamic languages. The Psychology of Computer Programming is an interesting book that I read many years ago.

Thanks, but umm, I not sure which of my blog's you mean.. My most recent blog is entitled 'Bollocks R Us' it links to an excellent article by Alistair Cockburn. Two of my big heroes in observing professional computer programmers are Gerald Weinberg and Tom DeMarco, and I think Alistair has made an excellent contribution in that tradition.

Anyway, as a non-academic full-on Hacker I love the idea of being quoted as Richard Dale's 'Bollocks R Us' blog..

-- Richard