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Mono Project This article provides a tour through some Mono programs, along with details about how you can start experimenting with them yourself. Not all of the programs featured here are finished products, but they're all exciting and show off interesting aspects of Mono. Even more Mono applications can be found at We should add to the list the excellent PolarViewer and SportTracker (they go together), and of course, GCursor#, CSBoardGalaxium Messenger, SkyNET and GLyrics among others like Bless, fewnn, GFax, WoodPusher, CDCollect and Kurush.
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by Anonymous on Tue 19th Oct 2004 18:43 UTC

It would also be nice if mono would remove their false Java bashing comments from their Web site.

Among the claims, Java being too slow on Linux whereas .NET results in the performance of native code. Yeah right. Most independant benchmarks and testing I and others have done show that Java outperforms mono for almost everything.

Another claim is that Java does not deliver Linux look and feel.

Guess the mono developers have never heard of the Swing GTK theme, or GTK Java, or wxJava, or SWT.

So basically, these claims on the mono site are just Java bashing. And they really are just downright lies about Java.