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Mono Project This article provides a tour through some Mono programs, along with details about how you can start experimenting with them yourself. Not all of the programs featured here are finished products, but they're all exciting and show off interesting aspects of Mono. Even more Mono applications can be found at We should add to the list the excellent PolarViewer and SportTracker (they go together), and of course, GCursor#, CSBoardGalaxium Messenger, SkyNET and GLyrics among others like Bless, fewnn, GFax, WoodPusher, CDCollect and Kurush.
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re: "...better to have quality documentation..."
by Chris on Wed 20th Oct 2004 03:12 UTC

Are you kidding? You can use absolutely any c# book and use 99% of it (I leave 1% padding although that is probably too much). Edd's book is a no-brainer too. MonoDoc is coming along and somewhat usable not to mention the obvious, but there is also the MSDN website which is terrific. Where exactly is the documentation lacking in quantity or quality? Mono isn't the distant cousin that some people make it out to be.



Best .net and c# book:

An excellent compliment for the mono specific stuff

Not to mention the mono forums and mailing lists available from

You should start porting some apps to mono right now I think ;)