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Mono Project This article provides a tour through some Mono programs, along with details about how you can start experimenting with them yourself. Not all of the programs featured here are finished products, but they're all exciting and show off interesting aspects of Mono. Even more Mono applications can be found at We should add to the list the excellent PolarViewer and SportTracker (they go together), and of course, GCursor#, CSBoardGalaxium Messenger, SkyNET and GLyrics among others like Bless, fewnn, GFax, WoodPusher, CDCollect and Kurush.
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Mandrake 10 packages
by azazel on Wed 20th Oct 2004 13:59 UTC

Well seeing as how there are no mandrake packages, I just compiled up mono, the compiler, monodevelop (and all it's dependencies), and a few apps like f-spot and muine (muine is a loooooooong way away from being useful). Blam! seems kinda cool, but I'd never use it. Then again, the only Java apps I use are Eclipse and Azareus.

In terms of installation, can the mono people *please* provide a single precompiled installer that is distribution independent (e.g. like Sun do with Java). And try to standardize on what the Mono platform is, so that apps can depende on "mono platform 1.2", instead of 6000 dependencies.

The advantage MS has is that they can go: .NET provides this library for doing X, and you will use it. But in the OSS world, people use whatever they feel like, so every app has 200 dependencies. I thought with mono we could get rid of this crap. Just download a .NET .exe file and run it.

Bah.. anyway, it seems kinda fast, but pointless at the moment.