Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 24th Oct 2004 04:20 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE The upcoming SUSE LINUX 9.2 has yet to hit the retail stores, but the product's two live CDs (with either KDE or GNOME) and a live DVD are now available for free download. Update: KDE shots and Gnome shots from the SuSE Live CDs.
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RE:Anonymous Penguin
by Claus on Sun 24th Oct 2004 21:12 UTC

"...SuSE Pro and Personal aren't enjoying the same care as they used before."
I wouldn't be surprised. My guess is that Novell is in it for the money more than the original owners of SuSE were. And paying developers to develop software just to have to post it on the web for free download might not be on top in their mission statement. As Redhat said recently - OSS needs more volunteers.