Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 24th Oct 2004 04:20 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE The upcoming SUSE LINUX 9.2 has yet to hit the retail stores, but the product's two live CDs (with either KDE or GNOME) and a live DVD are now available for free download. Update: KDE shots and Gnome shots from the SuSE Live CDs.
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by enloop on Sun 24th Oct 2004 21:13 UTC

Suspect you were addressing a response to my post. but, in any case, I have no reason to disagree with you.

I'm not privy to any "insider" info about SUSE but everything I've seen in the press indicates that they sell an awful lot of SUSE boxes in Europe. That is, after all, their home and their primary market. Here in the States, it is rare to see any Linux boxes on the retail shelves, but SUSE does have a presence. Except for old and dusty RedHat boxes and the occasional Mandrake box in one of the big-box bookstores, SUSE is the only Linux retail product I've seen on shelves in years.

I like SUSE and would like to see broader and more organized community support here in the States. But, I don't expect SUSE to start giving away a profitable product. RedHat asserts its consumer line was making money, but they clearly decided that more money was to be made by spinning off Fedora and concentrating on their enterprise products.