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SuSE, openSUSE The upcoming SUSE LINUX 9.2 has yet to hit the retail stores, but the product's two live CDs (with either KDE or GNOME) and a live DVD are now available for free download. Update: KDE shots and Gnome shots from the SuSE Live CDs.
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>>I talking in terms of promotional value.
RedHat used to be a synonym of Linux in the eyes of many people...In a book store computer section - a high percentage of the Linux books where devoted to RedHat. In computer stores - RedHat was always featured...That's a lot of lost free publicity. Companies spend millions and IBM, Billions on promotion because it works.

Me: Well and the C64 was a perfectly good computer system for home and business and it died. Things change. As far as "free publicity" come on, people don't wander into OS sections of the bookstores unless they are specifically looking and in that case they usually already knew about Red Hat.

As much as I love the indy distros (I have Vector Linux running on two of my rigs atm even) there's only two "distros" that have the pull required to put Linux into the mainstream now and gain us more of the hardware support and commercial apps we need: Suse/Novell, and Linspire. So if we really want the microsoft monopoly busted then supporting and evangelizing one or both of them and/or Apple is in order.