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Editorial The software industry is undergoing a gradual transformation, and consumer fatigue is at its root. The licensing model that has formed the basis for the modern software industry is facing challenges on many fronts, and the industry is scrambling to keep its footing. Where this period of change may lead software producers and consumers isn't quite clear, but some trends are emerging. Since the proliferation of the internet, unauthorized redistribution of digital goods has become rampant. But although software sharing probably won't kill the software industry, the reasoning behind it shares some pedigree with the customer revolt that promises to transform the way software is sold.
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<shakes head>
by Smartpatrol on Tue 26th Oct 2004 20:51 UTC

Projects like Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL were either close enough in quality to their commercial alternatives to be workable, or the commercial alternatives were overkill for the task anyway. Who needs a $7000 Sun server and a $5000 Oracle license for a regional sales intranet anyway?

Nice bit of FUD there. Still trying to push the idea that closed source is bad and open source is the best! everything should be free and we should all live in a free software utopia. Oh and of course its wrong to actually make money off of your work and ideas in a capalistic society. To bad human nature dictates otherwise people pirate software mainly becasue its the path of least alot of people use OSS becasue it is the path of least resistance. The basic truth is that there isn't anything that it totally free try factoring these points in your arguments of the future.