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Editorial The software industry is undergoing a gradual transformation, and consumer fatigue is at its root. The licensing model that has formed the basis for the modern software industry is facing challenges on many fronts, and the industry is scrambling to keep its footing. Where this period of change may lead software producers and consumers isn't quite clear, but some trends are emerging. Since the proliferation of the internet, unauthorized redistribution of digital goods has become rampant. But although software sharing probably won't kill the software industry, the reasoning behind it shares some pedigree with the customer revolt that promises to transform the way software is sold.
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So much philosophizing today
by Garadis on Tue 26th Oct 2004 23:25 UTC

Whilst in the capitalist systems, folks can millions or even billions, meanwhile people are sleeping on the streets, starving in 3rd world countries, dying of various diseases because they can't get medical aid, etc. So you say stealing is wrong, but hoarding money isn't? I'm no communist, but really now if you encourage a dog-eat-dog mentality in people, expect it to come back to bite you in the @$$ whether you be the RIAA, Hollywood, Bill Gates or just the ordinary schmo on the streets. Don't like theft? Make a world where everybody has whatever they want or need...or learn to live with disappointment. Isn't the basic premise of our economic system that there is no good and evil, only winners and losers?