Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 26th Oct 2004 22:58 UTC
Databases MySQL announced the general availability of MySQL 4.1. Certified by the company as production-ready for large-scale enterprise deployment, this significant upgrade to the MySQL database server features advanced querying capabilities through subqueries, faster and more secure client-server communication, new installation and configuration tools, and support for international character sets and geographic data.
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RE: Eventually it'll get everything from SAP DB...
by pojo on Wed 27th Oct 2004 10:23 UTC

I'm using MySQL 5.0.0-alpha right now with InnoDB tables and it supports foreign key constraints. According to the documentation, MySQL has supported them since verion 3.23.44. The key here is that you NEED to make your tables InnoDB tables. You do this by appending type=InnoDB at the end of your create statements on the tables.

Then you need to create the indices, and then you can add the foreign keys with an alter table.

I transferred our entire database off of our Informix database server (9.2) into MySQL (for dev purposes) and did some speed tests. Now, this isn't a proper comparison, but a query with 2 joins and a subquery took 13 seconds to perform on the informix server and only 800ms on the MySQL server.

Of course, that may just be because we're using Sun hardware (slow) and an older version of Informix. Can't wait until our DBA upgrades!