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Databases MySQL announced the general availability of MySQL 4.1. Certified by the company as production-ready for large-scale enterprise deployment, this significant upgrade to the MySQL database server features advanced querying capabilities through subqueries, faster and more secure client-server communication, new installation and configuration tools, and support for international character sets and geographic data.
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re: RE: Re: ACID???
by Derek on Wed 27th Oct 2004 12:56 UTC

In fact, the posibility for not using transactions is a huge advantage of MySQL when dealing with large amounts of data, i.e. massive load of statistical data, when you can easily delete and reload everything if an error occurs better than make a rollback (which will take quite a long time for sure).

Why would this be the case? With a good MVCC-based transaction system, you'd just have to to a seqscan of the table and its indices to flag dead rows. Certainly this would take less time than reloading the entire database.