Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 29th Oct 2004 02:18 UTC
OS/2 and eComStation KeithMerrington has a first look at the new eCS 1.2, and includes some screenshots.
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Cool... :/
by bleyz on Fri 29th Oct 2004 03:14 UTC

Serenity are doing away with the clunkyness of OS/2. At this rate, by 1.5 it will be as user friendly as XP/OSX/BeOS [can be by then]. Gone ugly fonts, gone zillion different installers / configurators, gone assorted awkwardnesses.

Unfortunately, all this is being done so late and by a licensee instead of the owner. IBM keeps improving the kernel and drivers, so the latter is not a great concern. But it's so late, alas, so late!