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OS/2 and eComStation KeithMerrington has a first look at the new eCS 1.2, and includes some screenshots.
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by Vesselin Peev on Fri 29th Oct 2004 19:48 UTC

I have used OS/2 Warp 3 as my exclusive operating system between 1994-1996 on a 386 DX. It was an amazing piece of work, and ran all my Windows 3.1 and DOS applications, including those running in protected mode.
Not to mention C++ system programming with real threads and preemptive multitasking. I switched to Windows 95 in late '96 because it featured video acceleration for my video card, something lacking from OS/2 at the time (not any longer, but now it's somewhat irrelevant).

The tremendous problems is not porting the kernel to 64-bit. It is porting the drivers to 64-bit, 32-bit cannot be used. Can you imagine them porting their own drivers and also finding a way to make companies port their own drivers? Unless there's new future for OS/2, it will never be done.

I still think that IBM have pushed OS/2 down the drain because of pure stupidity, nothing else. I hope that some people at IBM realize it. They were so ahead of the game in 1994 that with the right focus and increasing resources it could have become #1 desktop operating system.

I want to see OS/2 open-sourced. How do you know that IBM owns 100% the rights to the source code? I was under a different impression.