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OS/2 and eComStation KeithMerrington has a first look at the new eCS 1.2, and includes some screenshots.
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Ronald - MS does own part of OS/2.
by Sabon on Fri 29th Oct 2004 21:15 UTC

Ronald - I'm not going to argue about this. This will be only the post concerning this. But MS does own part of OS/2. That is THE reason why IBM wants to end OS/2. If lots of big banks weren't insisting otherwise IBM would have dropped OS/2 years ago.

My sources for this are people that worked on OS/2 at IBM and MS back in the 80s while they were still working on it. Meaning when the IBM/MS team was active.

While MS almost completely stopped contributing after the part way through the Alpha of OS/2 2.0, there are still quite a few core pieces that IBM and MS share ownership of that are core technologies of OS/2.

I wasn't a fan of OS/2 up through version 1.3 but used and supported it from version 1.1. I fell in love (as much as one can with an OS) when I got a copy of the OS/2 2.0 beta. WOW! That was back in 1992. I haven't had such a completely positive experience with any software (OS or APP) until Apple's Mac OS X 10.2 which came out 12 years later and literally 10s of OSs and thousands of apps later that I've used a lot as a Computer Systems and LAN Analyst.

At the time I got the OS/2 2.0 Beta I had FOUR Windows 3.1 computers that I needed to perform my LAN/WAN and desktop responsibilities. Within a couple of weeks I was able to roll all of that into one OS/2 2.0 beta box with the exact same model hardware as the four Windows 3.1 boxes with the same amount of RAM. And I was able to get my work done faster even though I was now only using one computer.

I could go on about OS/2. It's a very good OS. The only reason I switched to Macs (from OS/2 by the way, even though I had to use Windows at work), was the all in one everything that Mac OS X has been for me. I don't use any MS software on it but nobody realizes that until I tell them. That is, if I tell them at all.