Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 29th Oct 2004 02:18 UTC
OS/2 and eComStation KeithMerrington has a first look at the new eCS 1.2, and includes some screenshots.
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My meta-review
by timo on Sun 31st Oct 2004 00:27 UTC

The 90's called -- they want their screenshots.

Seriously, this effort to keep os/2 going is pathetic. Perhaps valliant, but pathetic.

And what kind of a business are Serenity trying to run when they don't even offer decent documentation?

How about features? Like, say, NTFS support. Tossing in legacy FAT32 support is a joke.

I've heard the arguments. People say, "sure, the kernel is old, but it has brand new subsystems." Why bother, when hardware support is a shot in the dark, and any modern system could offer you the same subsystems, and a kernel that doesn't date to the earlier Clinton administration.