Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 31st Oct 2004 20:40 UTC
Xfce The second beta of the upcoming XFce 4.2 is now available for testing.
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Way cool apps
by iongion on Sun 31st Oct 2004 22:19 UTC

Graphical installers for GNOME :
- Dropeline Gnome, Ximian Gnome.

Linux distros :

1'ST Ubuntu (indeed) ;)
2'ND Slackware (such a clean and easy distro - religious issues posted on the forums made it fall into the nerd side)

1'ST Linux commercial software : VMWare
2'ND Linux commercial software : Cedega + CrossoverOffice

3D - Maya4Linux
2D - Gimp+Sodipodi+Inkscape
IDE : KDevelop
Widget : DiaCanvas(2) + Scintilla
Language : Python
Library : wxWidgets(c++,python,c#)
Tool : ANTLR

Ar you content enough ?

- Just one tool needed in this space : Macr. Flash like IDE for linux.

And the award for the best couple :

Slackware + Dropeline.