Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 31st Oct 2004 20:40 UTC
Xfce The second beta of the upcoming XFce 4.2 is now available for testing.
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RE: File manager?
by earlymorning on Mon 1st Nov 2004 04:40 UTC

Beeing a long time XFCE user I must admit that the filemanager shipped with XFCE4 is its weakest point for the following reasons:

1. Its bad UI (this is subjective yes, but honestly it really is bad - the UI mimics nothing familiar)
2. Its more than a file manager, its also a network browser (which also makes some annoying requirements, nmblookup etc.)
3. Has some predefined items such as "Book" ?? Why this in a file manager? What if I also wanted "Fish" for my fish files?

All in all I think that the XFCE4 team should reconsider the design layout of the "file manager", and also reconsider what constitutes a "file manager" because xffm4 seems too bloated at the moment. Currently they would be better off not including xffm4 as it is looking now in my opinion.

Keep it simple, it should be _just_ a filemanager managing files via an intuitive UI.