Linked by Christian Paratschek on Tue 2nd Nov 2004 16:46 UTC
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu By all means, Ubuntu Linux and Canonical Ltd. have made a spectacular arrival on the Linux scene lately. The combination is like a dream come true for many, many Linux aficionados: tightly selected bleeding edge packages to focus the distribution on a single CD, corporate backing, 18 month support, that all sounds like a formidable package.
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slash we disagree about support
by Bitterman on Tue 2nd Nov 2004 20:33 UTC

Look what someone put as to why ubunto:
* predictable release every 6 months
* every release has 18 months of support at the minimum
* corporate backing
* polished and integrated gnome UI and based on debian
* many key developers are sponsored to work on it
* all patches send upstream
* 100% free as in freedom and money

This is what Fedora is with one difference, 6 months more "support" the Fedora legacy took over in mid september approx one year after FC1 was released. To completly write this distro off as "anything but redhat" is pushing it. I think thats exactly what it is. I mean why start a whole new distro for an extra 6 months of support? Why not just use fedora legacy which has longer support than ubunto anyway? why? because "rpm sux0rz".

So saying ubunto is closer to RHWS's 5 year release cycle than being 6 months off of Fedora's release cycle is quite a reach.