Linked by Christian Paratschek on Tue 2nd Nov 2004 16:46 UTC
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu By all means, Ubuntu Linux and Canonical Ltd. have made a spectacular arrival on the Linux scene lately. The combination is like a dream come true for many, many Linux aficionados: tightly selected bleeding edge packages to focus the distribution on a single CD, corporate backing, 18 month support, that all sounds like a formidable package.
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@ Anonymous Penguin
by Trey on Wed 3rd Nov 2004 05:52 UTC

Nothing is wrong with the default Debian GNOME. However most people find the Ubuntu desktop to be more logical. You say depressing, but it is almost exactly as I have configured GNOME for the last 2 years, so I just have a starting point that is closer to what I usually use.

The 'Debian Menu' was one thing I never liked. Its not well layed out, and I always look for a way to get rid of it. Granted there needs to be a mechanism to add things to the menu automagically, but the Debian Menu is not the answer.

Why a snapshot of sid frozen? Because its the most current set of packages in the Debian repo. They then have 6 months to stabalize that, this seems fine to me. Certainly a lot better then taking a snapshot of already fairly old software.

Most everything other then Java _is_ in the repo, they can't be installed by default as a matter of policy, but they are there. Even MPlayer is in the repositories.

As for your conclusion, well, everything you listed other then Debian itself is KDE based. I don't use KDE any more, so those are all bad choices. As for using Debian, I did for 3 or so years. I switched to Ubuntu for the reason I have already listed, its just closer to how I usually configure my system anyways.