Linked by Christian Paratschek on Tue 2nd Nov 2004 16:46 UTC
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu By all means, Ubuntu Linux and Canonical Ltd. have made a spectacular arrival on the Linux scene lately. The combination is like a dream come true for many, many Linux aficionados: tightly selected bleeding edge packages to focus the distribution on a single CD, corporate backing, 18 month support, that all sounds like a formidable package.
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Ubuntu but later
by titiv69 on Wed 3rd Nov 2004 10:58 UTC

after 1 weeks trying to use this "popular" distro I am back to Mepis:
on an HP mediacenter:
*Sound = not working (impossible to know why it worked out of the box and not anymore after reboot --no dsp ?)
*Cd burn = impossible it comes out with empty Cd
*Get info = if you do not have a day off don't try to get an info from
*Menus in gnome = not updated when you install (easy to install if one by one lol)
*tools = nothing more than in a standard gnome.
*Printer = I have to reconfigure it at each reboot (HP7760)
*Sudo Root = work fine if you use only gnome tools then it's another story.
*Kde & tools = only old version 3.2 available if you need anything else come back next year or become Indiana-Jones.
*Compilation = nothing!! every single part of your needs -ie gcc, ++, autoconf etc has to be put by hand (you better have a 10 year degree in linux ).
*material recognition = impossible to get an external usb hard disk to be recognized or even seen.
*Font install = euh euh font install you have the choice: "use those!!!" lol.
*usability = after 3 or crashes of the out of the box firefox I tried to go back on mozilla pure.
*Forum help = later....
* Mutimedia and java = usable after reading 4 or 5 posts and a by hand install.

I do not see actually where Ubuntu is the future of debian. Maybe next time but, there is a but , I came to Linux to forget vaporwares and other false promesses from "elsewhere" it is sad to see a beta version (I would say a RC) taking so much of publicity.