Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 5th Nov 2004 01:55 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems San Jose-based sent us one of their best-selling laptops, the LC2430. We've used it for more than a month with four different distributions and here's what we think about it.
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do your homework next time
by thomas pynchon on Fri 5th Nov 2004 04:16 UTC

That makes no sense, a battery is a battery. If it doesn't lose capacity by letting it drain to ~0% on a Apple laptop, it's not going to lose capacity when drained from a x86 laptop.

um, no. take some classes in electrochemistry. marine deep-cycle, NiCad, lithium-ion, and alkaline are terribly different from an electro-chemical standpoint. some develop memory, others can't be deep-cycled, others need full cycling periodically.

please quit spouting off guesswork concerning graduate-level electronics theory. even among laptops, there are varying types of battery technology utilized, esp with external power-packs.