Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 5th Nov 2004 01:55 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems San Jose-based sent us one of their best-selling laptops, the LC2430. We've used it for more than a month with four different distributions and here's what we think about it.
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by Michael Salivar on Fri 5th Nov 2004 06:18 UTC

Let's try again. Whether 6 or 7 lbs makes something a desktop-replacement is very subjective because it's a weight thing. Some people might find 7 lbs "heavy" some people think it's nothing. But battery-life becomes less subjective. 1.5 hours vs. say 6 hours.

There are also ultraportables with 2-3 hours of battery life because of physical size constraints. Unless advances in batteries make battery size a non-factor in physical laptop design, battery life can't be the main factor in laptop categorization. Of course, with these advances battery life would almost certainly become a complete non-factor, I suspect.

Uhmmm, I didn't even address Eugenia in my original post. I responded to her after she responded to me. Stop being paranoid. Eugenia is a big girl and can handle disagreement.

You're right, she can, but she gets a lot she shouldn't have to.

Yes, it is your opinion that 10lbs is too heavy. I have no problem lifting 10 lbs. And to even consider a SFF in the same "portability" league as a laptop is just bizarre. You still have to plug in monitors, keyboards, the actual unit itself. With my desktop replacement I just unplug the power cord, move it upstairs, and plug it in the cord upstairs.

I don't think it's that bizarre. Consider that a laptop weighing 10lbs would be a huge liability if you regularly carry it outside of the home. Occassionally sure, but probably not often. With a well built SFF all you would have to do is unplug the LCD and chassis from the wall, lay down the LCD and <a keyboard/mouse combo ( on top of the chassis, carry it upstairs, and plug the LCD and chassis back in.

Considering the price/performance and the upgradability, the relatively small decrease in convenience, I think is worth it. Besides, there's really not anything you can get in a laptop weighing 10lbs that isn't available in a laptop weighing 8lbs. Keep in mind that the 17" Powerbook only weighs 6.9lbs.