Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 5th Nov 2004 01:55 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems San Jose-based sent us one of their best-selling laptops, the LC2430. We've used it for more than a month with four different distributions and here's what we think about it.
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Selling a *non* working laptop?
by Lorenzo on Fri 5th Nov 2004 07:24 UTC

I think I missed this one but, how can someone think a laptop is working ok when not performing a basic and fundamental function like suspend resume?

I mean, after switching from Linux to Windows my laptop became so much better that I simply can't go back... and mind, I *was* to get a fairly decent suspend-resume for it, but simply put, results were not worth at all the effort...

Suspending a computer is essential when you're used to it (and anyone who has a laptop doing it knows what I'm talking about), and if you're doing a non cpu-intensive task that requires also some pauses, then definitely it's a killer: have you ever tried to write, suspend the machine, read, check paper articles/books, then resume the machine, write down, and so forth?
My Centrino makes an entire day like this... on battery.
Plus, I *love* getting back home, flipping open the lid and voilą, I'm working again.

Now, windows does suck for many things (bly me, even in PRO there's such a ridiculous multitasking...), but, at least on laptops, it's the best thing I've ever seen after MacOSX...

A laptop like the one reviewd is simply a nonsense as a laptop, it's only valuable if you intend to use it not as mobile workstation, but as a *easily movable* one.

Linux is lagging terribly behind in laptops (and before some fanatic tells me I don't know what I'm talking about, I ask him to try a good windows laptop, or a apple one...), so it's still a no go for people requiring mobility.
My 2c tip matured after over a year compiling kernels, fiddling with the system and bashing google finding all sorts of sparse info about suspend/resume on mine and other machines...