Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 10th Aug 2002 05:42 UTC
Multimedia, AV Browsing Freshmeat tonight, the premier online Linux software repository, I came across to these two great (and brand new) applications, ReBorn and ReZound. Reborn, a Rebirth clone that will soon become open source according to the developer, provides a software emulation of three of Roland's most famous electronic musical instruments. It got me thinking as to how much more viable Linux is today as a professional (or semi-professional) audio platform than it used to be two years ago. Update: On a related multimedia notice, WinAMP 3.0 for Windows was released yesterday.
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by Bryan on Sat 10th Aug 2002 16:48 UTC

A lesser known, but truly professional sound creation and manipulation tool is Cecilia - It provides a GUI for CSound but goes much much farther than that.

It is suited equally well for "scientific" sound engineering and for Aphex-Twin style mutilations of sampled sound.