Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 10th Aug 2002 05:42 UTC
Multimedia, AV Browsing Freshmeat tonight, the premier online Linux software repository, I came across to these two great (and brand new) applications, ReBorn and ReZound. Reborn, a Rebirth clone that will soon become open source according to the developer, provides a software emulation of three of Roland's most famous electronic musical instruments. It got me thinking as to how much more viable Linux is today as a professional (or semi-professional) audio platform than it used to be two years ago. Update: On a related multimedia notice, WinAMP 3.0 for Windows was released yesterday.
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Did the author actually "use" these applications?
by Anonymous on Sat 10th Aug 2002 19:54 UTC

I don't think the author even tried to run all of the applications that are listed. If he did he would of realized that many of them are not usable. For example:

* Ardour is wonderful in concept but it fails as an end user application. Ardour doesn't really work and it is a major pain to compile and install it. The author of Ardour basically admits that "this is a feature", that the program is in beta, if you aren't leet enough to install it you don't deserve to use it. Talk about serious attitude.

* LAoE doesn't work on my machines. It is a Java program and it fails to even startup on my Linux box with Sun's Java. I'm sure it works for someone but none of my friends can get it to run either.

I think there is a serious problem with the quality of Linux software reviews. I think since most everything is open source and free the journalist's feel bad if they criticize. So we end up with fluff and vapor that really don't help Linux win over users.