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Hardware, Embedded Systems San Jose-based sent us one of their best-selling laptops, the LC2430. We've used it for more than a month with four different distributions and here's what we think about it.
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Laptop weight, size, etc @adamw
by Dark_Knight on Sat 6th Nov 2004 18:53 UTC


Lets clarify that the reality is not all x86 laptops are 10 lbs and not everyone likes to purchase from Dell. Several manufacturers produce Intel P4 and AMD64 laptops that can compare to the size and weight of Apple's 17" Powerbook G4. Some distributors like GamePC ( ), Eurocom ( ) and Liebermann ( ) offer desktop replacements that are not hot and have current technology such as interchangeable PCI-Exress graphics, dual layer DVD burners, etc. Also unlike Apple the consumer choosing x86 has the option of having either Windows or a Linux distribution preinstalled. They also can choose between a 32-bit system or 64-bit as well as having the option of choosing between a game graphics GPU (ie: ATI Radeon, NVIDIA Geforce) or a highend DCC graphics GPU (ie: ATI FireGL, NVIDIA Quadro). With Apple the consumer is stuck with 32-bit on the laptop, game graphics GPU and a platform that causes the consumer to be locked in.