Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 10th Aug 2002 05:42 UTC
Multimedia, AV Browsing Freshmeat tonight, the premier online Linux software repository, I came across to these two great (and brand new) applications, ReBorn and ReZound. Reborn, a Rebirth clone that will soon become open source according to the developer, provides a software emulation of three of Roland's most famous electronic musical instruments. It got me thinking as to how much more viable Linux is today as a professional (or semi-professional) audio platform than it used to be two years ago. Update: On a related multimedia notice, WinAMP 3.0 for Windows was released yesterday.
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what makes linux so cool?
by kyle on Sat 10th Aug 2002 22:25 UTC

ok, enough is enough. why are people constantly talking about how linux is for this, or how rad it is for that. something tells me that you could run audio software on linux, bsd, macos, windows, whatever, and it would sound exactly the same. what makes linux so awesome? i think that linux has turned into more of a buzzword than anything else, OH MY GOD IT'S LINUX IT MUST BE GOOD. REVERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me a break. linux is an operating system. one might argue that it's better for server's than it is for desktops (and i would agree) or that it's the os of the future, but in the end, there's a reason that windows has almost a 100% market share. no, it's not because of the EVIL EMPIRE or because bill is greedy, it's because anyone can install windows, and anyone can get online and check their e-mail using it. it just works, you don't need to read binary and sh*t c++ to get it to boot. linux has it's place, it really does make a nice server. IF you know how to get it going.