Linked by Daniel Campos Fernández on Thu 11th Nov 2004 20:44 UTC
General Development For a few years, I've been working in the real world, I mean the enterprise world, sorry. In every company I've worked for, they offered me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, or at least that's what they always said in the first meeting before sending me to be just another company programmer. But in fact I've learned some very important things, just not about programming. I had to learn about these things on my own, about the needs of a real company in the real world.
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multiplatform support ...
by Anonymous on Thu 11th Nov 2004 23:24 UTC

This project could hit it big if they port it to Windows, add an ODBC control, and possibly create a "Convert your VB snippets to Gambas smippets" feature. Don't take me wrong ... I'm not a huge fan of Windows, but that's where the VB developers are, and if they can't develop with this new language on Windows at first, they'll have no desire to switch to anything else... just my 0.02.