Linked by Daniel Campos FernŠndez on Thu 11th Nov 2004 20:44 UTC
General Development For a few years, I've been working in the real world, I mean the enterprise world, sorry. In every company I've worked for, they offered me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, or at least that's what they always said in the first meeting before sending me to be just another company programmer. But in fact I've learned some very important things, just not about programming. I had to learn about these things on my own, about the needs of a real company in the real world.
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Stop complaining
by johnlein on Fri 12th Nov 2004 02:12 UTC

You know I donít think this type of program wouldnít be written if people didnít want them. Donít just look at Gambas, look at Freepascal and Lazarus and even JEDI. There are more and more programmers that donít like to be dictated by some company how they are to program. Free Software/Open Source is inspiring in the way that it shows the way that programmers gain independence of those companies by producing their own tools. If you want >>innovation<< (I donít like that word, I think its being overused) wait till those programmers are done reproducing their favorite programming environments.