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General Development For a few years, I've been working in the real world, I mean the enterprise world, sorry. In every company I've worked for, they offered me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, or at least that's what they always said in the first meeting before sending me to be just another company programmer. But in fact I've learned some very important things, just not about programming. I had to learn about these things on my own, about the needs of a real company in the real world.
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@ Wesley Parish
by nonamenobody on Sat 13th Nov 2004 09:09 UTC

And qt is cross-platform - there's no need to worry aobut that. All that would be necessary, would be to nut out its compilation process in various MS Windows compilers, and then advertise it to MS developers as a way of transferring the VB skillset to Yet Another Platform.

Qt for MS-Windows is not available under a GPL licence, which complicates things. AFAIK It should be possible to release an MS-Windows version of Gambas under the GPL, just only people with a Qt licence could build binaries.