Linked by Daniel Campos Fernández on Thu 11th Nov 2004 20:44 UTC
General Development For a few years, I've been working in the real world, I mean the enterprise world, sorry. In every company I've worked for, they offered me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, or at least that's what they always said in the first meeting before sending me to be just another company programmer. But in fact I've learned some very important things, just not about programming. I had to learn about these things on my own, about the needs of a real company in the real world.
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RE:all comments :-)
by dcampos on Sat 13th Nov 2004 09:47 UTC

I've reading all comments and I'm very happy. About 80% of comments are positive for Gambas, more than I could expect for a new program.

Thanks to all, those who like it and those who dislike it, but sent new ideas to make it better.

I just would like to explain some point: Advert.

As one of the comments says, I'm not an english native speaker, and I have doubts about if anything can be misunderstood.

However, in that case, I used the "advert style" knowing what I was doing. Big software sellers uses to say: "I have the answer to all your ploblems, I will make you productive".

My "fake advert" was just ironic. Gambas in fact is GPL, so you can have it for free, and use it even for non GPL projects: may be you have to contact with TrollTech if you plan to use the qt component for a commercial program, or you can wait until the GTK component will be released, just think how many money will you earn with your project, and how many money do you want to use in programmers, and other costs, but understand that this is not my matter, I'm just writting free software.

But if you stop reading in the first line, you can not read the Gambas link, so you can not read all information placed there about the licence ( ), and if you stop reading there, you won't be able to read the end of the article, in which I speak about that stuff.

It's a pity: sometimes, all of us stopped doing things because we seemed to see something wrong at start of the road... and we lost something, important or not, just for our "predictions".

Ok, it's enough about philosophy :-) I hope you enjoy this project!!

Thanks to all