Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 10th Aug 2002 05:42 UTC
Multimedia, AV Browsing Freshmeat tonight, the premier online Linux software repository, I came across to these two great (and brand new) applications, ReBorn and ReZound. Reborn, a Rebirth clone that will soon become open source according to the developer, provides a software emulation of three of Roland's most famous electronic musical instruments. It got me thinking as to how much more viable Linux is today as a professional (or semi-professional) audio platform than it used to be two years ago. Update: On a related multimedia notice, WinAMP 3.0 for Windows was released yesterday.
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re: what makes linux so cool?
by rain on Tue 13th Aug 2002 02:37 UTC

something tells me that you could run audio software on linux, bsd, macos, windows, whatever, and it would
sound exactly the same. what makes linux so awesome?

something tells me that you haven't tried making music in windows.
while it probably _sounds_ the same on all of the systems (given it's the same app and identical driver) it doesn't work the same in practice.
Why do you think that workarounds like GSIF exists on the windows platform? Because the OS couldn't provide latency low enough. Fine, so they got a workaround. well, the problem is that the driver for your card has to support it, which can make it troublesome to use many apps with the same outputs. It's also a pain for the driver developers that has to support several different interfaces, which for the user means that he has to wait longer for drivers.
To me, making music in Windows is pure hell. Even something as simple as MIDI can make me bash my head into the wall because it just doesn't work like it's supposed to.
That said, there is currently no other OS on the x86 platform that will let me make good recordings. But I'm trying to do something about it, because I can't stand working in windows. I want something that "just works" and to me, that's BeOS (and please don't tell me that BeOS is dead, bla bla, we've all heard that too many times). Linux still has to many issues to be a good system for audio production in my opinion. But it has potential. If someone could make and easy-to-use distro with quality apps and no xfree then I'm all for it.
But for now, I'm trying to make BeOS (and later on OBOS) my OS for audio production. It's been my dream since R4 and I'm not going to let it go to easily. unless something better comes in my way. (yes I'm keeping an eye on Amiga)

Anyway, the OS matters a whole lot when it comes to audio production. And that's a fact. Everything from the kernel, driver interface and filesystem to the user interface matters. Not to mention the stability.