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QNX I think that everyone reading OSNews will have heard at least something about QNX. You can regard this article as an introduction, but also as a review, and as a "Is-QNX-Ready-For-The-Desktop? article". To start off, I put together a short explanation of the merits of using a microkernel. Let me start off by saying that QNX Software Systems (QSS) does not aim towards the desktop with their Neutrino RTOS.
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Graphics card drivers?
by Mike on Thu 18th Nov 2004 17:51 UTC

Do they have modern drivers for ATI and NVidia cards? I seem to remember graphic support not being up to date. If I'm mistaken, then forgive me!

I have some friends who used to work at QNX so I guess I'm biased in favour of the company. I always thought the OS was cool, but was disappointed that it didn't take off and generate some more desktop steam. I think they tried, but they probably failed to make any momentum and stopped pushing in that direction. Which really is a shame.

Give QNX a 100% native email client, web browser (sounds like they almost have one) and you have a good start. I disagree with porting apps using the Gtk toolkit for example - I much prefer native apps.