Linked by Thom Holwerda on Thu 18th Nov 2004 10:19 UTC
QNX I think that everyone reading OSNews will have heard at least something about QNX. You can regard this article as an introduction, but also as a review, and as a "Is-QNX-Ready-For-The-Desktop? article". To start off, I put together a short explanation of the merits of using a microkernel. Let me start off by saying that QNX Software Systems (QSS) does not aim towards the desktop with their Neutrino RTOS.
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@Thom Holwerda
by johnlein on Thu 18th Nov 2004 18:36 UTC

from Thom Holwerda
>And how did you manage to bring the entire OS down with a
>crash of Voyager? That is highly unlikely. I'm looking forward
>to a more detailed description.

Voyager had the tendency to choke on webpages and die. One of those webpages was the QNX site itself. After Voyager died it left clipping fragments on screen and the OS slow. Sometimes logging out and then back in would resolved both problems sometimes only a restart would.

Yes, the version of QNX that I used was 6.2.

Tom, calling me recounting my encounter with QNX >> flamebait<< is insulting in my opinion. So pleas either watch your tong as you want others to or take it with a grain of salt.