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QNX I think that everyone reading OSNews will have heard at least something about QNX. You can regard this article as an introduction, but also as a review, and as a "Is-QNX-Ready-For-The-Desktop? article". To start off, I put together a short explanation of the merits of using a microkernel. Let me start off by saying that QNX Software Systems (QSS) does not aim towards the desktop with their Neutrino RTOS.
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3D OpenGL Acceleration ??
by Anonymous on Thu 18th Nov 2004 21:16 UTC

In the release notes and other docs as well as the original announcement the '3D acceleration through hardware' ... "OpenGL acceleration" .. blah blah, well what I want to know is it accelerated through the CPU lol? Or is their [Mesa]GL acceleration actually supported through any of the video cards? I remember the Voodoo3 was the only one to have any real hardware 3D in the older versions, so please don't just tell me that ok ;) Most likely I am thinking they only put the framework in to let developers WRITE the video drivers for real GL accel, but [hoping] maybe atleast some ATI cards have hardware 3D on it...

Anyone please clarify??