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QNX I think that everyone reading OSNews will have heard at least something about QNX. You can regard this article as an introduction, but also as a review, and as a "Is-QNX-Ready-For-The-Desktop? article". To start off, I put together a short explanation of the merits of using a microkernel. Let me start off by saying that QNX Software Systems (QSS) does not aim towards the desktop with their Neutrino RTOS.
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why gnome??
by Matt on Sat 20th Nov 2004 19:25 UTC

Egads. Why would you want the "bloat" of gnome on QNX? But i agree, not "all" linux apps are a simple recompile. Look at FreeBSD's ports tree. All those applications sources had to be tweaked in order to compile, same goes for QNX. Linux applications arent 100% POSIX compliant, nor is linux itself.

Sure some basic console apps will build without a hitch, but try just about anything else and you run into problems. Granted not hard to fix, messing with makefiles and source code a tiny bit is about all it takes, but it still isnt as simple as untarring a src tree and compiling.

Also the quote about "having to have to QNX compiler" is false. I NEVER use QCC, never. Everything i've built was with GCC.