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Geek stuff, sci-fi... And you think your operating system needs to be reliable. Check the interview here.
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RE: powerpc
by Anonymous on Sun 21st Nov 2004 03:10 UTC

I think that the PPC is over all better, however, the Pentium and AMD processors have more so much more code developed for them that moving off will take a huge push.

And I believe that there is a reason they used such a 'slow' processor. Most chips have their parts crammed in as close as possible. This is to make the transistor count as high as possible. However, these chips were only ever meant for use on Earth. When you get into space and you have to deal with cosmic rays, it becomes a big problem for sensitive electronics. So electronics must be made with their internals more spaced out and thus slower.

Then again, this was told to me about 6 years ago, so I could be way off base.