Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 21st Nov 2004 00:51 UTC, submitted by Lumbergh
Geek stuff, sci-fi... And you think your operating system needs to be reliable. Check the interview here.
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re: Great Link
by Brad on Sun 21st Nov 2004 05:14 UTC

"I can't even imagine how stressful it must be to know that your code in your OS powers a machine that, if it breaks, represents millions of dollars lost. The interviewee sounds like he could handle the pressure"

Eh, it's really not that bad. Probably one of the better things to ever have do deal with. Would be far more stressful to deal with soemthing that peoples lives are at risk with, so think pretty much anything around you on this planet that has a computer in it.

Or, if you want to think of just cost. If you coded something in a product that millions where sold and made a mistake that caused a recall or similar that would cost way more then a mistake in this mission. If the Furbi had a software flaw that caused them all to be recalled that would be much more expensive mistake.

The biggest differance is the profile of this mission. But then, if you screwed up code in say a Jetliner and it crashed, that two would become high profile.