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Java JetBrains IDEA developer, Sergey Dmitriev, talks future programming paradigms and the problems with today's programming models.
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mighty Lisp?
by Morin on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 11:50 UTC

"Why do people keep trying to reinvent Lisp instead of JUST USING LISP!!!"

The article mentions the following example: You are using some lower-level functionality (say, call a function) that takes a color as its input. In the LOP source code for that call, a constant argument could appear as a colored dot. Please explain how you'd do that in Lisp. Other example: a function call that takes a GUI button as input could draw that button directly in the source code. Something like:
The [ok] was meant to be a graphical representation of the button, but this forum can't handle it. Again, you're saying Lisp can already do that?

About compilers: As far as I understood, the creator of a specialized mini-language does not only create the language, but also defines how this is mapped to other languages. That way, he/she can optimize as needed.

Overall, the article is a nice introduction for someone who has never heard of LOP.