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Java JetBrains IDEA developer, Sergey Dmitriev, talks future programming paradigms and the problems with today's programming models.
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by Rayiner Hashem on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 16:04 UTC

Note: Modifying the compiler, IDE or similar is not allowed since that would not be required in LOP either.

Well, you don't have to modify DrScheme, because it already comes with that functionality. In any case, why isn't modifying the IDE allowed? The thing you forget is that most Lisp IDE's are tightly integrated with the language and the environment. So adding a module to handle something like that is really no different than adding a library to your program.

Do you think that some future LOP environment (which doesn't yet exist, mind you!), could implement such a feature as anything *other* than an IDE plugin? Because even if a language understands the reference to the button image natively (you could do that in Lisp, using a suitable macro), the IDE still has to contain the code for manipulating the button.