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Java JetBrains IDEA developer, Sergey Dmitriev, talks future programming paradigms and the problems with today's programming models.
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RE: @Morin
by Morin on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 17:02 UTC

> Well, you don't have to modify DrScheme, because it
> already comes with that functionality.

Yes, but the point was being able to add such things if the IDE _doesn't_ come with it, because the IDE cannot include anything you could think of.

> In any case, why isn't modifying the IDE allowed? The
> thing you forget is that most Lisp IDE's are tightly
> integrated with the language and the environment. So
> adding a module to handle something like that is really no
> different than adding a library to your program.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, by saying that the IDE should not be modified I mean that it should be extensible that way without rewriting it completely. Admitted, by using an extensible IDE you can achieve mostly the same I think (probably that *is* some kind of LOP then by definition). I wasn't right either to say that Lisp macros are not LOP - they are a limited variant because they're text only (as most programming languages are a limited variant).

Still I think the comment by someone saying that people should use Lisp instead of re-inventing it is not valid. Original Lisp did NOT provide all that. If the original was enough, why use DrScheme after all?