Linked by Fabian M. Schindler on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 18:53 UTC
Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux distros are advancing everywhere. Not only servers but also on the desktop pc and notebooks. There are wild discussions, if Linux-Distributions are ready for serious business work or personal use. This critical review will deal with two long awaited Linux-distributions, Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntus Warty Warhog. Why these two? Because both feature Gnome 2.8 and it would not be a comparision on equal terms to compare Gnome to e.g KDE. Also, both use kernel 2.6.8+ and have their very own theme for the default desktop. Bluecurve for Fedora and Human for Ubuntu.
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Media Advantage
by SadUbuntuUser on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:13 UTC

It is unfair to try to say "well, this distro includes media support and therefore it has an adavantage" when Ubuntu is not US based, while Fedora is.

Because of the legal problems surrounding MP3 patents, and other things it is very wrong to try to compare distributions based on which one decided to deal with a legal gray area and which one does not.

Instead, the fact that Fedora respects the laws of the country, and tries to not to entangle it's users in legal troubles is a better advantage to me.

Additionally, you failed to mention that all the patent covered things you installed in Ubuntu are only through the unsupported restricted repository.

As it is, there is a legal risk for them even providing that.

Whether or not you agree with the laws or the legal problems, they exist, they are there, and many distributors are starting to be be careful about them.

So, with that in mind, this review would come out 5:5, a Draw.