Linked by Fabian M. Schindler on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 18:53 UTC
Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux distros are advancing everywhere. Not only servers but also on the desktop pc and notebooks. There are wild discussions, if Linux-Distributions are ready for serious business work or personal use. This critical review will deal with two long awaited Linux-distributions, Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntus Warty Warhog. Why these two? Because both feature Gnome 2.8 and it would not be a comparision on equal terms to compare Gnome to e.g KDE. Also, both use kernel 2.6.8+ and have their very own theme for the default desktop. Bluecurve for Fedora and Human for Ubuntu.
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Another Loser Review
by Anon E Moose on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:24 UTC

Im really starting to hate these reviews, that makes the decision based on the reviewers PoV. Ubuntu coming on a single CD is not a bad thing for alot of people. So basically banging it for that and a restricted list of first install programs is moronic. Why you ask? Because that is the GOAL of the distro in question. It was put together that way, so then saying yea but you dont get everything and the kitchen sink option at install is just stupid.

Ubuntu can be used as a server but from a user standpoint you can see that wasn't the first place that it was being aimed at. Its setup to be a more desktop centric distro, that means I dont need all the server stuff installed at that get go. Just like it was designed to be.

Instead of comparing two distros that have totally different goals, it might have been nice to see a review about what each one offers and let the reader decide which better fit them. Instead we get another reviewer telling us how "HE" thinks these distros should act and which one "He" thinks is better.

Of course the above is just my pov too. So most likely meaningless to all but me.

And RE: SadUbuntuUser if they switched to RPM I wouldnt be using Ubuntu anymore .. thats one of the reasons I switched to it .. apt-get and .debs. Again personal likes and dislikes. Sorry Ubuntu didn't work for you, but I never had anything but problems with the Fedora's while Ubuntu works without a hitch. Again personal opinions and machines differ =)

My take is use what works for you. Nice to see FC3 move to a standard Gnome desktop config though.

Anon E Moose