Linked by Fabian M. Schindler on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 18:53 UTC
Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux distros are advancing everywhere. Not only servers but also on the desktop pc and notebooks. There are wild discussions, if Linux-Distributions are ready for serious business work or personal use. This critical review will deal with two long awaited Linux-distributions, Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntus Warty Warhog. Why these two? Because both feature Gnome 2.8 and it would not be a comparision on equal terms to compare Gnome to e.g KDE. Also, both use kernel 2.6.8+ and have their very own theme for the default desktop. Bluecurve for Fedora and Human for Ubuntu.
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Fedora 3 vs. Ubuntu
by Greatoak on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:33 UTC

I have not tried Ubuntu, so I can't compare them BUT...

I have tried and used Fedora 3 for the past week and let me tell you something. This is the MOST successful install, easiest to use Linux I have tried yet. I have tried Xandros, Lindows/Linspire(whatever), RH, SuSE, mandrake, and lycoris. Fedora 3 KILLS them.

The ONLY problem I had, and it is QUITE a problem... Samba did NOT want to work correctly. I could not browse, I could not set up shares. It seemed to me to be TOTALLY busted. Which confused the hell out of me. I have used and worked with FC2 for a bit now and that NEVER had a problem with Samba. Usually, I have problems with hardware, NOT Samba.

I did download the latest and install that. I was then able to setup shares but I still could NOT browse my local servers.

It was very irritating.

The coolest part of the experience for me was that it recognized ALL my hardware. (USB, Wifi, etc.) This was on a LAPTOP too... The wifi didn't work, in terms of, being used but it did get recognized by kudzu, installed and init'd, BUT it would not locate my linksys WAP. This was not a big deal 'cause I think Wifi still sucks and is in it's "growth" spurt. So, when it settles down, I'll join. Till then I can run wire with surprising speed.

Can you tell I was impressed. ;)