Linked by Marcus on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 18:46 UTC
OpenStep, GNUstep Yes, the legendary GUI design study which has never been officially released by NeXT in the past and you will hardly find any information on the web - except of a single screenshots and some info on the newsgroups. Well, I did a small video running NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP 4 BETA on Virtual PC 2004.
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Re: Significance
by itomato on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 22:46 UTC

Still waiting to see the video.. (Come on, torrent!)

The significance is; this is where NeXT was headed as it tried to push OPENSTEP further. They hadn't even really come to the reverse-buyout of Apple yet. This is still around the time where they are pushing NeXTSTEP on all architectures (i386,HP-PA,Sparc,M68K), unless I've got my timeline wrong.

The Beta of NeXTSTEP 4 ([url=]link[/url]) shows some of their thinking as it pertains to the evolution of the UI - as in NeXTSTEP vs. "Aqua",

*with the shelf system at the bottom, as the Dock is in OS X, not in NeXTSTEP

*attempts to make it more flexible, colorful (titlebar gradients, etc.

This might help tie it together..