Linked by Fabian M. Schindler on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 18:53 UTC
Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux distros are advancing everywhere. Not only servers but also on the desktop pc and notebooks. There are wild discussions, if Linux-Distributions are ready for serious business work or personal use. This critical review will deal with two long awaited Linux-distributions, Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntus Warty Warhog. Why these two? Because both feature Gnome 2.8 and it would not be a comparision on equal terms to compare Gnome to e.g KDE. Also, both use kernel 2.6.8+ and have their very own theme for the default desktop. Bluecurve for Fedora and Human for Ubuntu.
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>Ubuntu have Xorg ?

:Yes, I'm using it right now.

Yes, but thats unstable development version. Not a good idea unless you intend to play.

>Ubuntu have KDE 3.3 ?

:It's Gnome distro, if you want KDE, you wouldn't use it :anyway. But, KDE is listed, dunno which version... don't :care.

KDE 3.3.1 works well and in fact the DE i use. I find gnome annoying and featureless so i installed KDE after one week and being happy since. Remenber that this is a gnome based distro so system administration is gnome oriented.